The insides of the UNI-Coupling pipe couplings feature a patented rubber that compensates axial motion and angular distortion.
The benefits of our pipe couplings are innumerable. It is a universal system with a unique patented sealing solution and the anchoring effect is applicable to all kinds of pipelines. Our pipe couplings are durable, can withstand the test of time and are available in different thickness dimensions of 0.8 mm to 5 mm and outer diameters of 20 mm to 4 meters.

Innovative company

As an innovative company in pipe couplings and repair clamps we are constantly looking for new products and applications for our customers. Our ambition is to be successful in linking and repairing pipes, both above and below ground. With the UNI-Coupling we are adding a new product to our diverse product portfolio of pipe couplings and repair clamps.
The UNI-Coupling pipe couplings range meets the highest inspection requirements, including the shipping industry (ABS, DNV GL, LRS). They are corrosion and temperature resistant and therefore ideally suited to shipping industry. For the exte­rior of the product, we use the high quality steel W5 (316).

Part of United Pipeline Products

UNI-Coupling is part of the United Pipeline Products holding. As a result, clients are assured of a high level of service, fast delivery and great commitment. And as you’re used to, our prices are extremely competitive.
More information about the United Pipeline Products holding is available at the UNI-Coupling company page.