Our UNI-Coupling product range has been improved from diameter 172 mm and up!Bigger range, more flexibility!

Pipe couplings sizes

Do you require a coupling that can cover multiple pipe sizes, that is more flexible than only one coupling for one pipe dimension? The couplings are able to cope with 13 mm pipe outside diameters per part. A 2-part coupling for example is able to cope with 26 mm pipe outside diameters. The change from 10 to 13 mm per part reduces the required stock to cope with all mayor pipe diameters in your region.

UNI-Flex couplings

As an example we will show UNI-Flex couplings size 315-328.

This coupling can be used for different piping applications like:

  • P.V.C. / PE ø 315 mm
  • Steel ø 316 mm
  • Copper nickel ø 324 mm
  • Aluminium ø 324 mm
  • Steel ISO ø 324 mm
  • Ductile iron ø 326 mm

The coupling is able to connect a max. pipe difference of 3mm.

Advantages of UNI-Flex coupling:

  • Less stock
  • Applicable on different pipe materials
  • Can easily deal with irregularities
  • Covers deviant pipe sizes (due to wall thickness etc.)

The design and ease of installation have not been affected, the high quality persists.
If you have questions in relation to the specification change, feel free to contact us and we are glad to assist.

On behalf of the whole UNI-Coupling team, we thank you for your trust in our UNI-Coupling product range.